Cars & Coffee, bigger and better than ever!

Sunday, July 27 marked the second month in a row where there was well over 60 cars in attendance. Cars & Coffee is back! And it’s better than ever as the mix of cars has grown broader and much more diverse than it’s been in years.

There were a multitude of rare and exotic Euro rides, American muscle cars, and the usual frey of fine German street machines. Plus everything in between. British Classics too!

Which one would you want?
Which one would you want in your stable?

Everyone came together for mutual admiration of the wide variety of cars on display. Talking story, trading notes, tech tips and preferred specs for optimum performance and care of their prized automobiles.

If you haven’t been to a Cars & Coffee, you’re missing out on a truly unique event.

There was a full representation of vehicles for all enthusiasts!
There was a full representation of vehicles to appeal to all enthusiasts!
A few of the AMG HUI cars.
A few of the AMG HUI cars.

Of course, there was also great representation by the Hawaii Section and a few members of the new AMG HUI segment.  And Michael was literally promoting MBCA  membership materials right from the trunk of his car!

The Best or Nothing.

We do hope you will come on out to the next Cars & Coffee. It is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 27 in the parking lot of the Honolulu Design Center (Inspirations) on Kapiolani Blvd and Piikoi. It is one gathering that doesn’t disappoint.

C U there!

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