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Driver's side lamp assembly separated from rear body panel.

R107 – Tail Lamp Assembly, Job Done

Last week I received my order from Bud’s Benz. The driver’s side tail lamp assembly was the primary item, but the package also included other pieces. A new tail lamp assembly costs about $1000 but David Latham of Bud’s Benz said he had a used one in good condition for $350. This sounded reasonable as it would match the patina of the one on the passenger side. The unit that David sent to me had a gray lamp-assembly cover. Mine were black and worked perfectly…

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Two of the four vanes broken. Only two screws on the end corner were holding the unit to the body.

R107 – Tail Lamp Assembly Replacement

Sometime in the history of my 560SL the driver’s side rear lamp assembly broke and wouldn’t stay sealed to the rear body panel. An examination revealed that four of the six connecting points were broken. Only the two points at the corner on the body were holding the assembly in place. Realizing that the whole assembly needed to be replaced a search revealed that a new assembly would be very pricey. Fortunately, Bud’s Benz had a used one in decent condition in stock. So order…

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Different? Better? Yours!

Already owning and driving an exclusive automobile like a Mercedes-Benz puts you into a unique category. But how do you truly make it “your own”? Do you add a personalized license plate? Perhaps rims? Do you go down the path of appearance  modifications such as trim pieces, spoilers, body kits, special paint, headlights/tail lights… or maybe a grill? The possibilities are endless. Modifications can range from less than $3 all the way up to $30,000 and well beyond the radar! But whatever you decide, remember…

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