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W108 – Lubricating the chassis

So when was the last time you heard about having to “lubricate the chassis and suspension“? Maybe when your (grand)father was giving you car maintenance advice? “Don’t forget to lube the chassis and snug up all the bolts…” The W108 Benz has something like 30+ lubrication points, shown below. And they need attention every 3000 miles or less. No wonder “Free Service for 50,000 miles” became such a popular selling point. In an older chassis, oils and grease are pumped in to keep wear, friction,…

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W108 – Hat Shelf Speakers

Something bugged me about the hat shelf on my 280SE from the time I first saw it: someone had cut in to the shelf (and its trim) to install a pair of inexpensive modern 6.5″ speakers. They  weren’t in keeping with the era of the car, and added a distracting, cheap, look to the rear hat shelf area. I wasn’t sure which attribute was more disturbing, the modern look, or the $4.99 speaker that was put in. The original (rear) speaker options for the 108…

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W108 – Increased Vision Side Mirrors

I was looking through some MBCA online pages and came across a mention of convex mirror glass now being available for some of the older MBs. Since my W108’s side mirrors are both small (about the size of an iPhone–go ahead, next time you see a modern car, hold your cell phone up to the side mirror and you’ll see what I mean) and mounted much closer to the driver than on modern cars whose window frames don’t have the vent window, I don’t see much…

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