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W108 – Fresh Air Filters

2012 Easter Sunday project on my 108 280SE; digging in to the cowl vent and the fresh air filters. I have been noticing leaves and debris under the cowl of my car, so I thought to myself “How long would it take to pop the cowl off, clean out the gunk and leaves and put the panel back on? Maybe an hour?” Hah. More like 4 hours. Here’s why: the cabin air filters weren’t just covered in leaves, they were toast. The cowl had trapped…

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71 W108 Wood Refurbishing

I recently tackled the wood interior trim on my 1971 W108 280SE, and some local chapter folks asked me for a short write up on what I did.

Working with wood is a hobby of mine that started with growing up in the Philippines around wooden boats, and having old cars in the family, and just enjoying the warmth and natural beauty of wood…

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