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A European Delivery Experience

by Gregory Gibbons Going to Germany to pick up your new Mercedes-Benz has been an exciting adventure for many Americans and I was determined to be one of them. Since 1965, over 100,000 vehicles have been delivered to international customers participating in the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program. The process is easy. After placing an order with your local dealership for the desired model and options, a date is selected at which delivery is made to you in Germany. Early one morning in November 2006, my…

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The Hawaii “Aloha” Section is Alive & Well!

by Eugene Villaluz and Chuck Landenberger A small group of enthusiasts took a Saturday morning drive out to the Windward side of the island of Oahu to meet and reorganize the Hawaii Section. The April 10th get-together was held at the Kualoa Ranch in Kaaawa Valley to bring new life in the Hawaii Section. Fans of the ‘Lost’ television series may know that the ranch and the valley has been the backdrop for the show since 2004. Kualoa Ranch has a lovely view of the…

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