Different? Better? Yours!

Already owning and driving an exclusive automobile like a Mercedes-Benz puts you into a unique category. But how do you truly make it “your own”? Do you add a personalized license plate? Perhaps rims? Do you go down the path of appearance  modifications such as trim pieces, spoilers, body kits, special paint, headlights/tail lights… or maybe a grill? The possibilities are endless.

Modifications can range from less than $3 all the way up to $30,000 and well beyond the radar! But whatever you decide, remember it’s to your taste. There’s no wrong answer. Sure, you’ll get the naysayers right along with all the accolades. Everyone will always have an opinion one way or another.

One simple, quick way to dramatically change the appearance of your car is the front grill. There are a myriad of grills available from the factory as well as many aftermarket sources (options and styles vary depending on your model of course). Almost all of them are easily done right in your driveway or garage in a minimal amount of time.

For me, I like the look of a slightly modified car that appears to be “factory” but just a bit altered enough to make one wonder why it looks different. To the enthusiasts, they’ll know right away – and appreciate or immediately condemn your pride and joy. But it’s yours… the only one!

To illustrate this, when I purchased my car the previous owner installed an aftermarket grill on it which gave it a sort of newer model look. For me, it had a bit too much sparkle. So rather than put it back to original, I opted to put a newer model factory grill on it. Perfect. As I continued to repair, restore, and refine my car, I came across a very rare “Brabus” grill in a powder coated black finish. Being that this is a hard to find item, I grabbed it!

From my personal experiences, anytime you add a “color” to a vehicle, it should compliment or harmonize with whatever else you have going on. That in practice means a black grill should “tie-in” with other black details or the overall color of the vehicle. Some people like “matchie-matchie”. Others like things a bit more eclectic. And still others like things quiet.

Upon appraisal of my alteration, I felt I had gone a bit too far which meant for me, I’d have to go further with the rest of the car. That meant rims, trim, body pieces and or paint accents. These are projects that I really don’t (ever) want to undertake – at least on this specific vehicle, so the grill will ride with me until it is sold (no, not the car – just the grill!) After that, I now have planned a way to get a “stock” look from a performance aftermarket grill that will appear to be factory – at a glance – but gearheads will pick up on just as fast.

As I said, it’s yours – and if you want, you can have a unique look for the year, the season or forEVER! It’s up to you. Enjoy your car – if it be transportation, a hobby or part of a prized collection. It’s always a Mercedes!