W108 – Increased Vision Side Mirrors

I was looking through some MBCA online pages and came across a mention of convex mirror glass now being available for some of the older MBs. Since my W108’s side mirrors are both small (about the size of an iPhone–go ahead, next time you see a modern car, hold your cell phone up to the side mirror and you’ll see what I mean) and mounted much closer to the driver than on modern cars whose window frames don’t have the vent window, I don’t see much in the blind spots. If you have a pre-73/74 car, you might want to check through Mercedes’ EPC to see if there is new glass available for your side mirrors, too.

The convex mirrors that MB is making available allow the driver to see a wider field of view, but as you can imagine, just like on your right-side-mirror, “objects do appear smaller/closer than they appear”.

Ordering the mirrors (part # 115-811-01-66 for my particular mirrors, and less than $20/side after MBCA discount) was super simple through Tom Hanson at the MB Classic Center in Irvine, and they were with me a few days later.

Replacing the glass: It is a simple procedure to 1) press in the old glass, 2) pop out the plastic securing ring, 3) remove both, including the z-shaped spring.

Installing new glass: reverse the operation using the new convex mirror glass to install. My driver’s side mirror was also a little cloudy, and I was contemplating a mirror re-silvering service, but decided that the increased field of view would be a helpful added bonus.

Before: After:
Note how much more is visible on the right and left edges of the new mirror.

Of course, properly setting the mirrors is key to eliminating blind spots! If you can see the sides of your car in the side mirror, you’ve got them set wrong, so the experts say.

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