Neatly tucked into the console with the original carpet piece beneath.

R107 – Brake pads and new console pad

The first day of the new year gave me some time out to continue last year’s unfinished projects.

The previous owner of my car evidently punched a hole through the console bin and the carpet piece over it. I’ve been wanting to change it for the longest time and recently found a covering I thought I’d like. The original was a gray carpet piece of the same material as the cabin carpeting. It looked okay, but rather dull.

Last week I took notice of a coaster on our counter at home. It was made of a nylon fabric made by Chilewich, a home decor fabric that’s lately been popular. The coaster was brown and I thought that in black it might be the right piece for the console.

I found that Macy’s sells Chilewich place mats and at $12, quite reasonable. A placemat, I thought would be large enough to make two and possibly three pieces.

Using the original carpet piece as a guide I cut into the place mat with a pair of scissors. Into the car it went, over the original carpet piece, with the edges tucked under.

Easy fix and if after a while I get tired of it, easily replaceable.

Neatly tucked into the console with the original carpet piece beneath.
Neatly tucked into the console with the original carpet piece beneath.

The front disc brake pads, however, were not as easy for me. In the time remaining in the afternoon, I was only able to replace the driver side pads.

I believe an experienced mechanic might have been able to do both fronts in less than an hour. But, mechanic, I am not and this was the first time for me. It was a learn by trial.

Old pads out and new pads in place.
Old pads out and new pads in place.

The procedure was pretty straightforward:

  1. Remove wheel, disconnect the two sensors;
  2. Punch out the two holding pins;
  3. Remove holding clip;
  4. Use screw driver to encourage the pistons to move away from the pads;
  5. Remove pads;
  6. Insert new pads;
  7. Insert new sensors;
  8. Return holding pins and clip;
  9. Remount wheels.

The hardest part about it was getting the pistons to retract fully to give enough space to insert the new pads. It was difficult to get a C-clamp into the space to do it with ease. I think I’ll have to devise a system or device to make it easier.

Next session, I’ll work on the passenger side fronts, bleed and refill the system.

One thought on “R107 – Brake pads and new console pad”

  1. Finally got back to Waipahu today (it’s where the SL is garaged) to finish the passenger side front brake pads.

    This time things moved more quickly since I did my learning with the other side earlier this month. I’ll be swapping cars in a few days so that I’ll be able to drive the car to the Cars and Coffee meet on the 24th of this month. It’ll be at the scenic Valley of the Temples.

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