Driver's side lamp assembly separated from rear body panel.

R107 – Tail Lamp Assembly, Job Done

Last week I received my order from Bud’s Benz. The driver’s side tail lamp assembly was the primary item, but the package also included other pieces.

A new tail lamp assembly costs about $1000 but David Latham of Bud’s Benz said he had a used one in good condition for $350. This sounded reasonable as it would match the patina of the one on the passenger side.

The unit that David sent to me had a gray lamp-assembly cover. Mine were black and worked perfectly fine so I planned to continue to using it and only replace the outer lens and inner reflectors.

The rubber gasket on my original also were in better condition as it was only about four years old.

I disassembled the unit from Bud’s Benz, set aside the gray lamp-assembly and removed the rubber gasket. Cleaning the lens exterior and the interior got rid of much of the grime and residue. It was in good condition, but a little dirty.

Reassembly was simple enough. Testing the lights indicated nothing broken in the process. Job done.

The old tail lamp assembly.
The gray lamp sub-assembly from the replacement unit was not needed. I’ll hold onto it for a while.

The package from Bud’s Benz also included:

  • Passenger side window switch
  • Wiper relay
  • Driver and passenger side door strikers
  • Air intake hose
  • Front disc brake pads

The passenger side window switch would have been an easy fix, but the part I received was not the OEM that I paid for. Bud’s sent the aftermarket Febi/Bilstein unit. This probably would work, but the OEM unit should have the graphic of the window facing in the right direction. That’s what I’m hoping. Anyway, David is sending me the correct OEM switch.

The Febi/Bilstein window switch.
Not the switch I ordered.

I tried to replace the door strikers but failed as the bolts were in too tight and I could only remove three of the eight. I’m going to have to go back and use better tools to get them out.

About the only thing I could get done with the time remaining was to install the air intake hose. When I bought the SL in 2010, it wasn’t there. Easy fix.

Air intake hose

Air intake hose installed.

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