R107 – Windshield Frame Top Pads

2017 Narcissus Queen Lesly Goo

I’ve had my hardtop on for most of 2017, which is not normal for me as I much prefer my SL as a convertible. When news came that Melanie and I would soon be relocating I had the top reinstalled so as not needing to deal with transporting it to our new home. That was the plan until called upon to help with two holiday parades. Parades require convertibles, as we all are aware.

When the top was removed I noticed that the two round plastic pads at the top of the windshield were in poor condition. I didn’t expect these to deteriorate so quickly. They were installed back in March 2012, almost six years ago.

I got a replacement pair from Fletcher Jones, the local dealership. And the price was exactly the same.

The R107 will operate without these two pads, to which  I can attest to because when I purchased my car in 2010 they were actually missing. And I drove the car for two years before I found out about them. But, having them in place makes for a more secure fit between the top windshield brace and the roof top.

These plastic pieces easily fit into place. No tools required. Hopefully I’m good for another five years and more parades.

Maybe next time I’ll replace the top windshield brace. Those indents are starting to grow on my mind.

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