R107 – Wrong Way Window Switch and Door Strikers

Had time late this afternoon to continue work on the SL. Last week on Thanksgiving day, I installed the air intake hose and rebuilt the driver side tail lamp assembly.

Today’s goal was to replace the passenger window switch and the door strikers. I couldn’t finish the door strikers last week because the hex nuts were in too tight for the small allen wrench I had. So I returned today with a 5mm hex bit on a 3/8″ socket and a can of PB B’laster, both purchased from CarQuest.

5mm hex bit on a 3/8" socket, the right tool.
5mm hex bit on a 3/8″ socket, the right tool.


PB B'laster loosened the stubborn nuts.
PB B’laster loosened the stubborn nuts.

I started straight away to spray the stubborn hex nuts. I let that sit while I opened up the console to get to the window switches.

The new passenger window switch installed. The window icon facing the wrong way irks me.
The new passenger window switch installed. The window icon facing the wrong way irks me.

The procedure involved moving the transmission shifter out of park and towards the rear.  This gave room to remove the ashtray. Removing the four screws within the ashtray area allowed the wooden console base to be pulled backwards and out. This was a delicate procedure as a wrong move could easily damage the wood finish. Popping out the mirror control toggle unit would allow complete removal.

But this wasn’t necessary because there was enough room at this point to pop out the passenger side window switch and pop in the replacement switch.

This was a good place to start the engine and test the new switch. The new switch raised and lowered the window.

Success! But I’m a bit unhappy that Mercedes-Benz has done away with separate switches for the driver and passenger sides. All they ship now is a switch that can be used on either side — and the window icon is the one that is actually for the driver side!

I’m tempted to break apart the bad switch just to be able to move the cover with icon onto the new switch.

Reassembled everything and returned to work on the door strikers.

The PB B’laster and the hex bit made removal of the remaining  nuts so easy… this time.

Three stubborn nuts on the driver's side. Two on the passenger side.
Three stubborn nuts on the driver’s side. Two on the passenger side.

The replacement door strikers were easy enough to install. But I could  see that “getting it right” would be a challenge. The door and strikers are built to allow positioning latitude, but as far as I could see it was: Try a position and hope that the door shuts properly.

After several attempts I was able to get the driver door to sound right. The passenger side door, not so much. Ran out of time as it was time for dinner. I’ll have to come back next week to try it again. The passenger door might be adequate, but I feel it can be better.

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