The Hawaii “Aloha” Section is Alive & Well!

by Eugene Villaluz and Chuck Landenberger

A small group of enthusiasts took a Saturday morning drive out to the Windward side of the island of Oahu to meet and reorganize the Hawaii Section. The April 10th get-together was held at the Kualoa Ranch in Kaaawa Valley to bring new life in the Hawaii Section.

Fans of the ‘Lost’ television series may know that the ranch and the valley has been the backdrop for the show since 2004. Kualoa Ranch has a lovely view of the Pacific Ocean and the members were rewarded with a typically sunny day in “paradise” — simply perfect for an island cruise in fine automobiles.

Several members stepped forward to hold offices and other positions. Congratulations go out to Gregory Gibbons – President, Jim Richman – Vice-President, Russ Kulinski – Treasurer, Eugene Villaluz – Secretary, Chuck Landenberger – membership chair, and Aurora Fruehling – Newsletter Editor.

The group had a very good discussion about the background of the section, the national organization and planning membership events.

Current plans include publishing a newsletter in June and organizing a July/August event. The newsletter will include articles about the officers, upcoming events, new members, longtime members, and other “stuff” to be decided at future get-togethers and events.

The new leaders are planning to have a general member meeting to set up a nominating committee and present a slate for an October/November meeting.

Officer elections will be held at a Christmas Party which would include a “Toys for Tots” donation to a Marine Corp unit.

Greg Gibbons, who accepted responsibility for the office of president said “Thanks to our enthusiastic members the Hawaii Section is looking forward to an outing this summer. We’ll be enjoying each other’s company while motoring around our beautiful island.”